How to Deal With a Sales Slump in Business

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March 1, 2017
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How to Deal With a Sales Slump in Business

A sales slump is when you cannot close your sales, no matter how hard you try. It is common to face lean patches, but what is important is to minimize them, and get out of them quickly. It is important to stay positive and remember that better sales will eventually follow.

Business slumps can be predicted, since sometimes they occur while you’re busy with promotion. These periods require your immediate attention, and taking smart decisions, like borrowing from a moneylender instead of banks. Here is how to deal with a sales slump.

Identify what caused the slump

This is the first step towards dealing with a sales slump. It could be that your competitors lowered their products’ prices. It could be also be because that your targeted audience’s preferences have changed and your offerings are no longer lucrative/relevant.

There could also be a number of different reasons behind it, like negative attitude in you salespersons, poor prospecting, or lack of internal communication.

Pay attention to customer reactions

In a sales slump, it is important to stop blaming potential clients or the economy in general. This only leads to a downward spiral, and worsens the situation. Instead, objectively assess what is making your customer react the way they are doing.

Study what is resonating well with your prospects, and rework your strategy. Your focus should be on altering your pitch so as to prevent, and not handle customer objections.

Increase the number of your sales meetings

Sometimes, taking the slump head-on is an effective strategy to deal with a decline in sales. While it makes sense to spread out your client meetings to give yourself time, it is better to go for as many sales meetings as possible. For instance, shift a meeting that is scheduled next week, to the next day.

Replenish your product inventory

Filling up your inventory by taking a small business loan from a moneylender can help beat a sales slump. If yours is a business that sells seasonal products, get a small business loan from and purchase inventory in the off-season.

Even otherwise, it is only prudent to keep up with demand. To know what amount you should borrow, draw a rough estimate of your total sales for the coming year. Ensure that sales will cover the cost of the loan and your profits.

Reach out to new markets

If you have limited yourself to certain markets so far, a sales slump can be the right time to branch out. It is possible that your business has reached its growth potential and that you need to target fresh markets. Think about what customer groups your business can appeal to.

Try different marketing channels. By getting a small business loan from a moneylender, you can set up another branch or launch a new product.

Leverage the power of incentives

This can be done in two ways. The first is to have an incentive program for your employees, where performing salespeople can be given attractive prizes. This can automatically weed out underperforming staff and establish healthy competition among your salespeople. Incentive programs for loyal customers, too, can help your business overcome a slump.